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Selling your business, First Steps...

Before you can trade your office chair for one on a beach you need to take a few steps. While we won't try and tell you the process won't be complex, our team at Business Sellers is here to make the process easy while getting you the most possible for your company. The first step is a consultation, followed by a valuation. Both of these steps are absolutely free and confidential. Take your first step today.

How much is it worth?

Our business valuations consider a broad spectrum of analysis to determine an accurate and fair asking prices for your business.

What about taxes?

Our team includes a dedicated CPA making it possible to determine exactly how much money you should get after tax liabilities.

How do I get Started?

We make it easy as possible. Give us a call, or submit a request on our easy-to-use online form to set up a no-obligation meeting.

Why the Business Sellers @ DH Brokerage inc.?

We are business owners too.

At DH Brokerage, as business owners ourselves, we know your business is more than a building, equipment, inventory, or even a brand. It's something you likely started from scratch, raised from the ground up, and poured a large part of your life into.

When we take on a new client we get to know you and take the time to get to know your business beyond its numbers. Some of the most value your business has to offer is its "goodwill" and it's just as important as its numbers as seen on paper when it comes to establishing a valuation, the price we will ask when offering your business for sale.

Your privacy is our priority.

Your privacy is our number one priority. As business owners ourselves we understand how valuable and damaging information can be in the hands of a competitor. For that reason, we take your privacy personally and never share any private information without a signed non-disclosure agreement from a verified bonified prospective purchaser.

Our team is always discrete in the presence of your employees or potential customers. At times visits to your location are necessary but they are done strictly after hours or under the guise of a routine insurance inspection if business hours is unavoidable.

Selling your business is our job.

We have made a point to truly be business sellers, handling every possible aspect of selling your company. Many brokerages are happy to create a valuation, put you in a seller's contract and list your company. When it comes time to facilitate a sale you are all too often left to handle many of the processes that follow yourself.

That is not the case with DH Brokerage. To start, we don't rely on one or two factors to establish a valuation. We look at all available relevant factors. Our team understands that the value is more than the numbers, its goodwill, its market potential, and of course the real value of assets are considered.

Once a selling price is established, we utilize multiple sales channels to maker your business visible to potential buyers. We vet all of these leads and facilitate all meetings with them to make sure they understand the financials, goodwill, asset values, and growth potential your business offers. If a sale is made we go further to facilitate meetings with attorneys, accountants, and local government as needed. You are never left on your own to try and figure it out.

Request a meeting with the Business Sellers @ DH Brokerage inc.

Business Sellers offers an absolutely No-Risk Consultation, Valuation, and Listing Service. We don't get paid until your business sells. Put the power of our network of listing services and industry tools in your hands for free. Take your first step by giving us a call or filling out the form below.

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