High Volume Auto Salvage Wholesale Dealer.

High Volume Auto Salvage Wholesale Dealer.

Supply your yard with vehicles at half the cost of market value.

YOU: Owner of a successful junk/salvage operation that sells a ton of parts but you need more cars. Getting inventory is already hard but with inflation and commodity prices on the rise, it’s only going to get harder.

US: Offering you a wholesale salvage dealer that specializes exclusively in the purchase and resale of complete vehicles. They buy mostly from the public but also from some tow companies and used car dealers.

INTERESTED? It gets better. Many of the vehicles are better than “junk” potentially giving you multiple income streams if you do more than scrap/part out your inventory. This company has been established as Central Virginia’s best-known “cash for cars” company for over a decade. They currently get literally hundreds of calls a month for “parts” they don’t sell, but YOU do! A potential boost for an existing income stream, courtesy of this acquisition.

What makes this company special? A few things really, some we will share right here. Others will require an NDA, letter of intent, and proof of financial ability to purchase before they will be discussed. For starters, this company established itself well on the internet before the rest of the local competition ever considered it and have maintained that position WELL continuing to move UP in ranking over the years they have been in business. Their purchase process is also fast, friendly, and unique in this area.

This company historically only sold directly to junkyards just like yours giving your competition an edge. However, an increase in demand and a steady rise in prices has led more and more of the inventory across the auction block instead of a scale. This is showcasing just what an advantage this company has over junkyards that are having to bid against each other to buy cars.

IF the company is SO GREAT, why is it for sale? The owner will tell you it’s time to retire, go do boat stuff and drink margaritas but that would be a lie. Because what really made this company great was not the customer service, it was not the process, or even how they sell the cars. It’s a combination of having a great reputation for over 10 years doing good honest business and the internet presence that has made it work so well for so long.

The same internet advertising and website ranking that gets this companies customer’s attention also got the attention of other business owners. This led to the owner starting another business, a marketing agency. The owner knows full well that the only way to take the Salvage Wholesale Dealer to the next level would be to open his own salvage yard but that’s not what he wants to do. Instead, he wants to focus on growing his advertising agency and let YOU grow this company alongside yours for the greatest success for both parties.

How is this uniquely advantageous for me? While in most situations where a business is sold the owner checks out, for good with the quickness. In this case, while the owner has little interest in involvement in the day-to-day operations of the company, he is available to continue to support you in advertising efforts for this company as well as the one you already own.

In short, if you are looking for more cars, for less money without having to bid against your competition, you can find the advantage you are looking for right here. Call now.

Detailed Information

Richmond, VA
Not included in asking price
Real Estate:
Not included in asking price
Building SF:
This company has been structured to be as scalable as possible. They have made creative use of outside service providers and have greatly limited the amount of owned equipment that would require maintenance. The building the business currently operates in is available for sale or lease if desired. Assets that are included: The operating name (well known, loved, and trusted in the community for over a decade) Two websites, several phone numbers, our internet advertising accounts (these are the secret sauce), and a bit of inventory
There are always competitors in this industry but few are licensed so most don’t stick around very long. Other large operations fall short of the efficiency this company operates with as well as the gross volume it deals in.
Growth & Expansion:
This business has a number of untapped resources. One is an obscene number of calls for used parts that they honestly do not sell to the public. The real value here is the fact that this business could be a reliable source of low-cost salvage vehicles to fuel your inventory and an increase in call for parts as a side bonus.
No owner financing is offered.
Support & Training:
The owner is available to help with the transition. Ongoing support maintaining websites & internet advertising if desired is available at additional cost.
Reason for Selling:
Retirement. It’s time to go do boat stuff and drink margaritas.
  • Inventory: 50000
  • Property Cost: 1000000
  • Established: 2010
  • Location: Central VA
  • Real Estate Status: Own
  • Building Size: 6000
  • Real Estate Notes: Available for sale or lease
  • Employees: 3